Noo ur face is gr9 aw
I’m gonna have to convince my mum to let me go again first but I really want to!!!
Yes omfg at the autograph Alice said ‘I’d just like you to know my girlfriend would leave me for you’ and he looked up at us and I was like ‘yeah I would’ and he started flirting with me and I flirted back ???? Like he asked if I wanted to meet with him and then I said yes and he asked when and I was all ‘tonight? ;)))’ and he said yes and omg it was so weird :’) bless him omfg
Yes I know I met no one ??? Like so many of my followers went and issy said she saw me but didnt dare ask if it was really me xD we have to meet next year okay!!!

  1. savingbvcky said: thank you but my face is ew. you have to go to a12 I will meet you this time. omg I can’t believe he did that like i’d die I was barely able to have a normal conversation with him the friend I was with didn’t even manage that she just stuttered
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